In the bustling world of software development, indie developers often find themselves in a challenging spot: creating amazing software yet struggling to find an effective way to market it. As an indie developer myself, I've been grappling with this dilemma for quite some time. This journey led me to ponder deeply about a solution, culminating in an exciting idea I've been nurturing for the past few months - AppPass.

The Idea of AppPass

The concept of AppPass started to take shape after I penned my thoughts in An App Store for Bootstrappers. The positive response I received there, coupled with my experience in curating apps for developers through my directory Honeybun, convinced me that there was a need for a more streamlined way to connect indie developers with their audience.

What is AppPass?

AppPass is a subscription bundle that brings together the most exciting software from the world's best startups, bootstrappers, and indie developers. It's a platform where creativity meets opportunity. Drawing inspiration from successful models like Xbox Game Pass and Movie Pass, AppPass aims to offer a similar experience for software users and creators.

How Does It Work for Developers?

For developers, AppPass is a dream come true. The primary allure is its simplicity and potential for revenue generation. Here's how it works: whenever a subscriber uses your app through AppPass, you earn revenue. This model offers a hassle-free way to earn recurring income with minimal effort. It’s about getting your app into the hands of more users and watching your hard work pay off.

A Product in Development

It's important to note that AppPass is currently under development. It's a product born out of a desire to fill a gap in the indie software market. To ensure that it truly meets the needs of developers like you and me, your input is invaluable.

Seeking Developer Insights

I have spoken with a few developers about this idea, and the feedback has been promising. But now, it's time to reach out to a wider audience. I don't have all the answers yet, and that's where you come in. I would love to hear how you, as a developer, envision AppPass working for you. What features would you like to see? What concerns do you have? Your insights are crucial in shaping AppPass into a tool that genuinely serves the indie developer community.

Join the Conversation

To gather your thoughts and suggestions, I've set up a landing page at Here, you can learn more about the proposition and share your valuable feedback.

If you are a developer I go into further detail on the developer page and describe how to onboard your app into AppPass.

This is your opportunity to influence a platform that could redefine how indie software is marketed and monetized.

I really want to hear what you think of this idea.

You can reach me on Twitter/X or via the developer contact form.